CC 01 : GoT Game?

Greetings Initiates!

For our very first challenge we have the idea of renewal at the forefront our minds. Just as we are re-imagining the Bloodsport challenge in our own way, we want you to come up with an illustration that redesigns a character or environment from the Game of Thrones world!

Guest Judge: ALEX NEGREA!

We are so stoked to get Alex on board for our first judging session. He won the very first Bloodsport and more than one as well, so it’s great to have him offer up his time very generously and give back to the community.


Brief: Create an illustration depicting a character from one of the main Houses of Westeros in his or her home environment.

Illustration guidelines:

Your illustration can be focused mainly on the character. Emphasis is on the character design and illustration. No plain-background concept work please. We’d like to see some indication of an environment, even better if it relates to the character in an interesting way.


You can focus more on the environment design, but character/s must be included. They needn’t be heavily detailed and they shouldn’t be the primary focus of the piece but we want to see some thought has gone into them.

Design guidelines:

For your design you can choose from these 3 options:

  • Create your design for a brand new House of Westeros, “House Negrea”. This is a house known for their hard working ethos and connection to nature. The sigil of the house is a beetle. The house motto is “Spring is coming”.  Keep your designs within the existing genre and era of GoT. Convince us House Negrea is real!
  • Create a redesign based on an existing House and its characters in the GoT world, but inspired by any culture or combination of cultures, that is not medieval Europe.  
  • Create a redesign based on an existing House and its characters in the world, but change up the genre and/or era as much as you like. Far-future, steampunk, present day. You can go wild on this one. Be inventive!

Reference:   Houses of Westeros

Reference: Examples of Redesign


ALL Styles and techniques are welcomed, including traditional work. We are focused on the final product and your work ethic, not your tools.

Good research and a lot of testing of ideas is important. Don’t skimp on the groundwork.

We will be looking for great design work and a great work ethic, first and foremost. Of course we will take into account execution and polish, but an inspired idea, fairly executed can often trump a technically brilliant but very generic idea. The idea is important!

Forum Stuff, keeping in the loop

Create your own personal WIP thread and include “CC 1: GoT Game?” in the thread title somewhere. Post it here: CC 1 WIPs

Finals and study compilations only should be posted in the following thread. Please provide a link back to your wip thread when you post : CC 1 : Finals

Deadline: Saturday 26 March 2016  21:00 (9pm) [UTC +0]

Finals thread will be locked down at 9:01pm.  Cut it fine at your peril. 😛

The critique stream time will be announced in the forums and on twitter @cruciblecrimson.  There is also a timer in the footer below which will count down to the next upcoming deadline or stream.

Alright people enough of this. GET TO WORK. You’ve only got two weeks this time!

May the fire of the Crucible guide you.

Piotr and Amit – Crucible Operators 


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