CC 2 : Blood Ministrations

Greetings Initiates!

After the debilitating trial that was the condensed two week challenge of CC1, you probably needed some blood ministrations to replenish your energy and vigour. This month’s challenge will be to do a keyframe illustration for Bloodborne the game!

Guest Judge: Atey Ghailan

Atey is a veritable beast! We suspect he hunts for and uses his own blood ministrations to increase his skills to superhuman level.  He also goes by the online moniker snatti is a concept artist at Riot Games, and has worked on many IPs including Star Citizen, Assassin’s Creed Unity, and Legend of the Cryptids. He has amazing all-round skills but in particular his ability to to capture complex colour and lighting with deceptive simplicity is beastly. It’s great to have him on board for challenge 2 and we can say that as an ardent fan of Bloodborne, he is super excited to be helping us judge! 

He has a Patreon page where you can support him and also get goodies.


Brief: Do a keyframe illustration from one of the given scenarios from Bloodborne.

The Keyframe:  A Keyframe shot is an illustration showing a key moment / scene of a script in a movie or game. Keyframes are often used in pitch material or marketing to drum up excitement for what things will actually look like at key moments in the story. They are also used to show the production team what look to go for in the final scene.

Example Keyframe art from John Carter

For your keyframe illustration choose one of the next three options. Stick with the existing style and mood of Bloodborne. It needs to look immediately recognizable as Bloodborne.

  • Henry the Raven– Amongst all hunters he was the quickest, fighting with two claws. It has been rumored he was able to fly through the sky and some believed he was using secret blood healing to gain this speed and strength. His duty was to guard and protect a small village in Drakthul from beasts and other creatures alike. After a while the people in the village started to fear Henry as his features and body began to change. The villagers started to disappear one by one until none remained in the village except for Henry. Show us a key moment involving Henry in the village. It can be anything that supports the story above. YOU come up with the narrative.
  • The source of the Great Ones– Below the ancient labyrinth lies hidden a passage into a ritual chamber. In the center of the chamber is a large blood pool with strange statues all around it. It has been said that the first of the Great Ones rose from this very pool. Show us the key moment of a Great One rising from the source blood pool. Is there anyone there to witness this?
  • Oulz the Dark Terror – After extensive overuse of the blood of the Old Ones a decrepit priest of the Healing Church called Oulz turned into a fierce beast that would pray on anything near him.  He was last seen in the unseen village of Sternak.  Show us the key moment where one or more of the villagers of Sternak stumble upon Oulz in his new terrible form.

Your work must conform to a 16:9 aspect ratio. The size of the image doesn’t have to be full HD (1920×1080) but the aspect ratio must be the same.  This is mandatory


Bloodborne Lore and story in “short” form:

Bloodborne Wiki:


ALL Styles and techniques are welcomed, including traditional work. We are focused on the final product and your work ethic, not your tools.

Good research and a lot of testing of ideas is important. Don’t skimp on the groundwork.

We will be looking for how well you understood and hit the brief as well as a great work ethic. Of course we will take into account execution and polish, but an inspired idea, fairly executed can often trump a technically brilliant but very generic idea. The idea is as important!

Forum Stuff, keeping in the loop

Create your own personal WIP thread and include “CC 2” in the thread title. (PLEASE include this text as it is used in filtering rules for the hundreds of email notifications we get). Post your wip thread here: CC 2 WIPs

Finals and study compilations only should be posted in the following thread. Please provide a link back to your wip thread when you post : CC 2 : Finals

Deadline: Saturday 23 April 2016  21:00 (9pm) [UTC +0]

Finals thread will be locked down at 9:01pm.  Cut it fine at your peril. 😛

The critique stream time will be announced in the forums and on twitter @cruciblecrimson.  There is also a timer in the footer below which will count down to the next upcoming deadline or stream.

Alright people enough of this. GET TO WORK. You’ve got three weeks this time, but don’t get cocky!

May the fire of the Crucible guide you.

Piotr and Amit – Crucible Operators 


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