CC 03: Treasure Hunt

Greetings Initiates!

After two challenges focused on preexisting IPs, we decided to go with a free form idea this time. It’ll be a great opportunity to stretch your imagination and create work in a style you prefer.

Guest Judge: John Silva

This month we bring you another blade honed in the Crimson Daggers forge. Winner of the 4th Bloodsports and an enthusiastic live streamer. He is a well known freelance illustrator for big names such as Legend of Cryptids or Magic: the Gathering

Check out his gallery and stream channel!



Brief: Your task is to create a full illlustration of a treasure hunter character during his or her expedition.

Illustration can be either vertical or horizontal. The character is the focal point – it needs a good read –  however it’s up to you to make the environment around more or less significant (it’s your choice to focus more on character design or the environment design – the most important thing is the narrative aspect of the illustration). 

Pick either of these options:

  • depict the character entering an abandoned ancient temple in a desert environment
  • depict the character finding a valuable artifact

Location: Somewhere in the middle of the desert. It can be a sand or rocky desert. Environment is dry, there can be some vegetation but not too much. Ruins or not, it must feel culturally rich.

Focus: feeling of abandonement, something significant is happening/is about to happen, entering the uncharted territory, what was lost for centuries now is found, the goal is achieved

Important: You have to do at least 4 relevant studies to be eligible for judging. This is a point suggested by John, so we will be very strict when it comes to it. Failing to show at least 4 relevant studies will significantly lower your chances to win


Reference:  The theme is vast so use whatever you feel could be of help



ALL Styles and techniques are welcomed, including traditional work. We are focused on the final product and your work ethic, not your tools.

Good research and a lot of testing of ideas is important. Don’t skimp on the groundwork.

We will be looking for how well you understood and hit the brief as well as a great work ethic. Of course we will take into account execution and polish, but an inspired idea, fairly executed can often trump a technically brilliant but very generic idea. The idea is as important!

Forum Stuff, keeping in the loop

Create your own personal WIP thread and include “CC 3” in the thread title. (PLEASE include this text as it is used in filtering rules for the hundreds of email notifications we get). Post your wip thread here:

Finals and study compilations only should be posted in the following thread. Please provide a link back to your wip thread when you post

Deadline: Friday 27th May 2016  21:00 (9pm) [UTC +0]

Finals thread will be locked down at 9:01pm.  Cut it fine at your peril. 😛

The critique stream time will be announced in the forums and on twitter @cruciblecrimson.  There is also a timer in the footer below which will count down to the next upcoming deadline or stream.


May the fire of the Crucible guide you.

Piotr and Amit – Crucible Operators 


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