CC 07 : A Tale of Two Contrasts

*to subscribers that received two email notifications for this challenge, please ignore the first one. This is the final. 

Guest Judge: Gosia Arska

Our Guest Judge for the November challenge is Gosia Arska! Gosia is a Visual Development Artist working on animated movies for Sony Pictures Animation.

With each brief, we like to take some inspirational cues from our judge’s work. Gosia creates beautiful cinematic scenes that convey a clear narrative through the use of lighting, colour choices, and perhaps most importantly, very clear emotions in her characters that tell us exactly what is going down.

We would like you to illustrate a scene that uses these characteristics to tell us a story of contrasts.

Brief:  Create an illustration conveying a clear story that has a theme of two contrasting narrative aspects.

Here are some examples you can pick from, or, you can come up with your own:

  • evil/good
  • strong/weak
  • warm/cold
  • big/small
  • slow/fast
  • light/dark
  • happy/sad
  • cautious/reckless
  • fat/thin

You can think of this as a key frame image for a movie or game cinematic if that helps.  A key frame shot is an image depicting a specific moment in a script or story. You have to imagine yourself as a salesperson tasked with selling the moment in the story you are illustrating.

This is a broad topic with a lot of freedom to work within, so here are a few ideas on what we might be looking for:

  • We would like to understand the contrast themes that you have chosen to show without necessarily being told what they are.
  • We would like to see a considered and deliberate use of lighting and colour as tools to help sell the contrast, the narrative, and emotion in the scene.
  • You can choose not to have characters, but if you do have some, we really want to see and feel the emotion they are supposed to be feeling in that moment.

Format: Please use a cinematic aspect ratio for your work:    1.85:1  or 2.39:1


ALL Styles and techniques are welcomed, including traditional work. We are focused on your adherence to the brief, your work ethic and personal development, not your tools.

Good research and testing of ideas are important. Don’t skimp on the groundwork.

We will be looking for great ideas first and foremost.  Of course, we will also take into account technical execution, style and polish, however, an inspired idea or treatment fairly executed can trump a technically brilliant but very generic idea or treatment. 

Special Prize: Winner gets a limited signed giclee print from Gosia!

Forum Stuff, keeping in the loop

Create your own personal WIP thread and include “CC 7” in the thread title somewhere. Post it here: CC WIPs

Finals and study compilations only should be posted in the following thread. Please provide a link back to your wip thread when you post : CC 7 : Finals

Please get involved and help out others in their wip journey if you can! An active, engaged community makes for a more fun, productive and fulfilling experience!

Deadline: Saturday 26 November 2016  11:00pm [UTC]

Finals thread will be locked down at 11:01pm.  Cut it fine at your peril. 😛

The critique stream time will be announced in the forums and on twitter (@cruciblecrimson and @monkeybreadart).  There is also a timer in the footer below which will count down to the next upcoming deadline or stream.

May the fire of the Crucible guide you.

Piotr and Amit – Crucible Operators 


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